Allons-y! 50th Anniversary Episode Review…

Doctor Who

Yes, I know it is a little late to be talking about the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, but I feel that I must. Doctor Who has been one of my favorite TV shows since it came back on in 2005. There’s something comforting about turning on the TV and watching it, like putting on a warm hoodie or drinking a cup of tea. The Doctor himself is always a character who intrigues me. He’s capable of doing terrible things (like wiping out his own race) but he always seems to have hope no matter how bad the situation gets. He never ends up using violence, always trying to solve the problem with intellect and tries everything to save lives.

Anyway, I digress. I could go on and on about how and why I like Doctor Who so much, but it would probably be boring. Right, as for the 50th episode. I loved it. I loved how they managed to get Rose (well, Bad Wolf) into the story and how they acknowledged the past Doctors without getting too cheesy. I also liked how they introduced Twelve briefly and the banter between Ten and Eleven. Though it did get a little twee and times and the fact that they didn’t push the big red button seemed like a cop out to me. Also Clara wasn’t really given a lot to do. Granted the 50th Anniversary is meant to be all about the Doctor, but why bother having her there at all if all she does is run around after the Doctors? It didn’t really endear her to me as a companion as she was little more than a plot point in the seventh series.

The thing I liked the most was Tom Baker’s cameo at the end. It was unexpected and funny. Also it created the impression that Tom Baker was congratulating Matt Smith on his tenure as the eleventh Doctor. It more than made up for the lack of Paul McGann or John Barrowman (though I guess we’ve seen plenty of Captain Jack in Torchwood) but you can’t get everything you want in life I guess.

So yeah, it definitely put to rest any doubts that I had about the show after a frankly disappointing and lack-luster seventh series. I am now looking forward to the Christmas special and I’m hoping that it will be a good one. (it being a regeneration episode) Hopefully, Clara will have a personality by then and the Moff will do Matt Smith’s exit justice. (Which he didn’t do for the Ponds. Dammit!) Also, I’m looking forward to seeing what Pete Capaldi’s Doctor will be like.