I Know It’s A Little Late For Resolutions But…


Okay so my posts so far have been mostly been about Doctor Who, books and Disney films. It feels like it’s time to mention why I started this blog thing in the first place. One because I have a lot of opinions about stuff. Two, I have a keyboard that will not shut up. Three because I have to write. I don’t know why, I just do. I have to write my ideas down otherwise my characters won’t leave me alone and let me sleep. It’s weird. E.L Doctorow said that writing is the socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. It’s probably true. Sadly. But I feel that’s a whole other blog post altogether.

Anyhow, writing. Why do I write? I don’t know I just do. Honestly, it’s one of the few things I’m actually pretty good at  (Apart from baking and awkward silences.) and it is something that I enjoy doing. There is something satisfying about finishing a story; it’s the strange wobbly feeling you get when you hit the save button and walk away from your laptop, it feels as though you’ve just got back to civilization from an epic adventure. (Even though you haven’t been away.) Sometimes you get it from reading a good book or playing a game, but it has to be a really amazing book or game.


Right, there was a point to this post I promise, apart from explaining why I do things. Ah, yeah, I have to admit that I’ve fallen off the wagon this past few months regarding the whole writing thing. To be fair, I’ve been busy with my internship, job hunting, seeing friends and playing Dragon Age, that I haven’t really had as much time as I would like. As a result of this I am going to set myself some new writing goals, kind of like New Year resolutions except I shall try to keep them.

Okay so my writing goals are as follows:

  • Finish the first draft of my novel.
  • Continue writing my blog posts once a week. (Sorry, but not really if it annoys you. I want to see if I can manage it.)
  • Finish my short story by the end of next week.
  • Start redrafting my short stories by the end of March.
  • Think of ideas for a Dragon Age RP.

Okay, I think those are doable, I shall have to get my writing snacks, switch of the internet and steam and drink endless cups of tea. (Maybe find a tea lady/gentleman) I’m kind of looking forward to the RP one, I haven’t planned one before and it’ll be my first time GMing. (Oooh scary) Hopefully people will be nice though. Sorry for rambling again, I need to make my blog posts more focused. Also sorry for being boring and talking about writing. Here is a picture of a cat.



Reindeers are Better than People…


Okay, so I think Frozen is my new favorite Disney film, I think it’s my favorite film of 2013. I’m still singing the soundtrack in my head and I saw it about two weeks ago. I always know when I like a film because the story sticks in my head.

So why do I like Frozen so much?

I like that it turned so many classic Disney tropes on it’s head. It’s female centric and the main characters are easy to relate to. Anna is awkward, a little naive and impulsive. Elsa spends most of the film hiding away, afraid that everyone else thinks she’s a monster, even though the characters seem to have no trouble accepting the fact that she has powers. They just want her to melt all the snow. I like that Christoph isn’t your typical Disney Prince, he spends most of the film talking to his reindeer. I enjoyed the fact that Disney turned the whole idea of true love upside down. It made a nice change.


I don’t know. It feels like Disney is finally getting some strong female characters into their princess films. (Yeah, I know that started with Belle) But it’s nice to finally have Disney films where the princesses don’t just wait around, wondering when their prince is finally going to come without changing their situation themselves. (I will never understand why Cinderella never chose to ran away from her evil step family.) It’s good to see princess films that don’t centre on finding a man and having your life revolve around him. Hell, Brave was all about mother-daughter relationships and how Merida didn’t want to get married off to some prince. (Yes, I know its technically Pixar, but she still counts!) I mean, Rapunzel does most of the day saving and all she wants to do is get out of the tower. (Understandable for  someone who’s been stuck in a tower for eighteen years.) I like that the modern Disney princess are resourceful and able to think for themselves. It’s good that we have princesses saving princesses and its good to see that gender roles are being challenged in children films. If only we could have more day saving, POC princesses that would be awesome. It would mean that Disney would have finally stepped away from being the stereotypical, slightly (or in older films, very) racist grandparent. I mean, who decided that any of them were white anyway?


Here’s Flynn’s smolder. Yeah, it doesn’t work for me either.

Dear Moffat (Spoilers)


This was going to be about the Christmas episode, but since that was a week ago and now slightly off topic, I shall now write about the new series. *Ahem* Okay, so Matt Smith is gone, and whilst that’s sad and quite frankly, he deserved a bigger send off, (Yeah I know it was a Christmas episode and it was never really going to be good.But still.) and we have a new Doctor, which means now is the time to make changes.

Okay, first thing’s first. I’ll be honest the seventh series felt a bit tired, a bit lack-luster for me. Most of the episodes felt a bit meh, though I did like the Journey to the Heart of the TARDIS. Anyway, I digress.

First off, one of the problems I’ve had with the show recently is the fact that the Doctor’s actions don’t have any consequences. For example, at the end of ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’, the Doctor blows up the ship with Solomon on it and it is never mentioned again, it is never seen to weigh on his mind at point and the companions never call him on it. Another example would be when Amy’s baby is kidnapped and we never see the Pond’s react to this, they just continue on with their adventures. This is very lazy and sloppy writing as it means the story loses tension, there’s no moral conflict the characters become less real.

Not again!!!

Not again!!!

Secondly, please stop having every female character flirt with the Doctor. It’s annoying. Also it’s sexist. It’s sending out the message that the Doctor is such a brilliant bloke that almost every women has to throw herself at him and those who don’t, well, they’re clearly lesbians. It’s all rather immature, don’t you think? Hopefully, with an older actor playing the Doctor, it won’t happen as much. (I hope it means that the dynamic will change between him and Clara.)

Oh and another thing, please stop with the Doctor making sexist remarks. It goes against his character, the whole point of the Doctor is that he accepts people for who they are, regardless of sexuality, race, species or gender and that everyone is important in their own way. Also stop sexualising the female characters and for the love of God please don’t let the Doctor force himself on a women again. The episode I’m a referring to is ‘The Crimson Horror’ where the Doctor kisses Jenny, who he knows isn’t even interested in his gender and doesn’t even show remorse after she slaps him. It is very harmful for the kids who watch the show and look up to the Doctor because it normalizes sexism, which is bad for everyone. Also it’s giving boys the message that men are entitled to do what they like to women’s bodies without their consent which is contributing to rape culture.

krdTKf7.jpg 1

On the subject of female characters, PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD, give Clara more to do than just run around after the Doctor and ask him what they’re going to do next and for Pete’s sake give her a freaking personality. Have her actively take part in the story instead of just milling around in the background whilst everyone else (mostly the male characters, I’ve noticed) is running around trying to solve problems and save the day. A character’s personality is often revealed by her actions and having her do nothing; you are making it difficult to like and relate to her because there is nothing to relate to. Please just make her into a proper character with quirks and flaws, not one of the stock female characters that you love to use so much. Also, a word of advice, a strong female character doesn’t mean that the character has to carry around weapons and kick ass, it just means they have to be realistic. If you need help with this, just write a male character and switch pronouns. Yes, it’s that easy!

I miss the days when the Doctor chose his companions because they were smart.

I miss the days when the Doctor chose his companions because they were smart.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering who the hell I think I am. I mean, I’m just some aspiring writer who’s also a blathering feminist (Blah, blah, blah feminism, blah, insert insulting feminist stereotype here) and I’ve never written for a TV show in my life. In fact, I haven’t written anything worthy of note, so who am I to criticize, right? Well, this may be true. I do read and write a lot, I know what makes a good story. Yes, it is a kid’s show, but if kids can handle the fact that cyber-men are human brains in metal suits, I am sure they can handle more complex plots, emotions and moral dilemmas. Also, whilst it’s true it’s just a TV show, kids get a lot of their principles from the people they look up to. They look up to the Doctor. Wouldn’t it be good to have a generation of men who respected women (not in a chivalrous, I’m going to wrap you up in cotton wool kind of way) and treated them as people and not sex objects? Wouldn’t it be good to challenge gender roles and show little girls that they can be valued to? Sexism is bad for both genders and if you don’t think that feminism matters, then you, my friend, are missing the big picture.

Don’t worry, I’m still a fan, I just want the show to be good. That’s all. I’m sorry this post got a lot more ranty than intended. Here’s a picture of a cat to make up for it. 🙂

See even this cat wants these changes. How can you deny that face?

See even this cat wants these changes. How can you deny that face?

New Year Means…

So this is my first blog of the New Year and probably one of my first (very few) personal posts. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with writing about personal stuff, most forms of writing are personal to some extent, but I’m not going to get into that right now. I dunno, I guess I always feel that posting about my life would get boring after a while because nothing particularly dramatic happens but also because I have other, and in my opinion, more interesting things to blog about.

Anyway where was I? Oh yeah! New Year!

All in all, I think this year has been a rather strange one for me. In some ways I’m in a very similar situation to the one I was in this time last year, I’ve ended up somewhere completely different to where I expected to be. For one thing, I did not expect my temporary Christmas job to become permanent (Not that there is such a thing as a permanent job these days.) and I certainly did not expect to quit said job and move to London for an internship.

I honestly think that was one of the best ideas I have had in a while. I was surprised how quickly I’ve settled in and made friends. Now all I need is paid work so I can have money to stay here. (Preferably one I enjoy, or at least with nice people to work with.) I think that will be my main goal for the moment. It means that I’ll have to put my novel on the back-burner for a while, which sucks because I was kind of on a roll and it’s difficult to get back into it if you leave it for too long. But I’d rather have money for, you know, bills and stuff, than not be able to write because there’s no electricity.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’m sure there’s more to say, but I can’t think of it right now.