The Worst Thing Possible Happened…


Okay so yesterday, the internet in the building that I work in went down. This was mostly because the IT team decided to update the internet and forgot to tell anyone. As you would expect with a building full of small businesses, people were very angry because it meant that they couldn’t get any work done.

Except for me. One of the advantages of being in charge of writing the newsletters I guess. I didn’t need the internet to finish my task, like everyone else did. It did mean that I didn’t have to help with tidying the office a.k.a moving junk out into the corridor though.

But it got me thinking about how much time we spend online and how much our lives revolve around the internet these days. You need an internet connection to run a business, to get in touch with suppliers, promote your products and reach out to customers, sure. But it’s more than that, it’s where I spend a lot of my time socializing and keeping in touch with my friends who are living at the opposite end of the country. It’s where people gather information and news from various sources and it can provide endless hours of entertainment. (Even if said entertainment is just watching cat videos on youtube.)


I don’t know, I think that maybe we’re starting to rely on the internet too much. With our smart phones we are now constantly connected. (What the hell did we do before google?) I think that’s  bad. Whilst it is a good way of keeping in touch with people you would have probably lost contact with, it also means that we are shutting ourselves off from each other which is bad. Even most video games require an internet connection for some of their features. This is fine for MMORPGs and other multiplayer games, but do I really need it for the Sims? I don’t want to talk to people whilst I’m mercilessly wrecking the lives of my little sim family. I don’t really want to post my achievements online either.

I don’t know, maybe it would do us good if we stopped relying on the internet so much. We’ll all be more productive for one thing (or at least I will) and we’d all be happier because we’d go out and see people and have things to talk about. Also, if everyone disconnected from the internet there’d be less people to feed the trolls which would mean that they would get bored and get lives. (See, everyone wins.) Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet (most of the time.) and I like the fact that I can find people with the same weird sense of humor as me. It’s just that I don’t understand why we need to be constantly connected all the time.




Decisions, Decisions, Decisons…


Once again, I find myself job endlessly job searching. Honestly, I hate it. It’s the most demotivating thing on the planet. It’s not helped by the fact that most of the time companies don’t even bother to reply to you. I know they probably have thousands of applications and all. But would it hurt to write one generic email that they could mass send to people?

Anyway, rant over.  What was this blog post going to be about? Ah Yes, choices! Once again, I find myself facing an important set of decisions.  Do I stay on at my internship where I enjoy working but not get JSA or do I quit my internship and go on the dole? There are advantages to both. Staying on at the company where I do my internship would get me more experience and would look better on my CV because it is a lot easier to get a job when you have one. But it would still mean that I would not be getting paid unless I cheat the system. (Which would be bad and is a little messed up to be fair.) Going on the dole would mean that I would have money coming in (even though it would not be much) and would possibly be getting help to improve my chances of finding a job.  But there is a chance that they would just try and push me into yet another retail job. Which they did last time.  (The government really needs to sort that out. They’ve spent years encouraging people to go to university but now there are not enough jobs for the number of graduates, and the Job Centre really don’t know how to help them gain experience and get a graduate job. It’s really frustrating is all.)


Then there is the other thing, do I go and do some graduate scheme in PR or Human Resources and do work that I probably won’t enjoy? Or do I keep trying to look for copy writing jobs with the limited experience I have. Honestly, I would love to go freelance but I still haven’t done enough to have a portfolio of work. I don’t even know how I would go about expanding it. If anyone had any advice though, I’d be very grateful to receive it.


I dunno. If I had my way, I wouldn’t even BE looking for a job. I’d be sat in my pyjamas chain drinking tea and scoffing skittles (and other writing snacks) whilst I write my novel. That’s all I want to do right now in my life. Write my blog posts and finish the first draft of my freaking novel so that I can send it to an agent. And be able to paper the entire house with rejection letters. (Or bask in my genius as I get  accepted first time.) But nooo, life as always, has to be stupid enough to get the way. As much as I would love to fulfil the quite frankly over-romanticized stereotype of the starving artist. I quite like having enough money to pay for food and the electricity bill so that I have enough electricity to power my laptop so that I can, you know, write. I’m pretty sure that handwritten manuscripts would not be accepted. (Also could you imagine writing a 500 odd page manuscript by HAND? I’m pretty sure you would get horrible writer’s cramp.) Also I don’t think my housemates would appreciate it if we got evicted because we couldn’t afford to keep up with the rent.

Ah well, at least getting rejected for jobs countless times will mean that I won’t take it too personally when I finally start sending off my final draft to get published.


“I Like Big Boats, I Cannot I Lie…”


I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age 2 recently. Mostly because I lost my save when my old laptop, Yorick died. (Yes, I name my laptops). But I also use it as a reward for doing productive things like job hunting and writing my novel. (Otherwise I will just spend all day playing games and not getting anything done.)

Anyway, I think I’m on my fifth attempted play-through of this one. Why? It’s not because some of the characters are annoying. (Looking at you, Fenris and Anders.) Or the fact that I can’t choose the race of my Hawke like I could with my Warden. Or the fact that the game feels so rushed that I get so sick of running through the same six environments over and over and over. (And yet somehow still manage to get lost.) Or the fact that the battles go from ridiculously easy to ridiculously hard after the first act.

 Anders, I hate your face.

Anders, I hate your face.

No, it’s the fact that I could only feel engaged in the story if I played as a mage. I don’t know why.  I think it’s because mages play such an important part of the story. (Though it is weird that hardly anyone calls on you for being an apostate.) Especially, in the end with all the chaos that ensues. I think it’s because when I play as a mage, the story itself becomes more personal to me. The choices I have to make matter more. In almost any situation in the game, I will always side with the mages because my Hawke would be able to identify with their struggles. At the end of the third act, I felt betrayed by a certain cat loving mage whose actions reinforced the reasons why people mistrusted them in the first place. My Hawke ended up killing that character. Why? Because for all of his whining about the way that the mages get treated, his actions does nothing to improve their situation. He’s a hypocrite because he criticizes Merril for not realizing the dangers of using blood magic,  yet he’s an abomination and he endangers people in a way that she doesn’t.

Anyway, I digress. For all, the problems the second game has. It still got me thinking. What is it that makes people engage in a story? Is it the characters, or the plot? Both are important, the plot has to keep people gripped, but the characters have to be worth investing in, otherwise what is the point? For all the its flaws, I can see that Bioware tried to do both in Dragon Age 2. I just wish the game had been in development longer. It had so much potential to be as good as, or better than Origins. But ah well. I hope they fix those things in Inquisition. I also hope I can play as a female Qunari mage and that they put a female inquisitor on the cover art. That would be nice.