My Date with Neil Gaiman and Other Stories.


So I was lucky enough (and actually had money) to go and see Neil Gaiman read The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains at the Barbican last Friday. As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of Gaiman’s work. I love Neverwhere, American Gods and most of his short stories, especially The Price so I couldn’t really miss the opportunity to see him, could I?

I would go on to write a review of the evening, but since I love his work so much it would not be a very objective review. (I think one of the reasons I like him so much is because when I picked up Fragile Things, I realised that it was okay to be dark and twisted and more importantly, you could be dark and twisted and still get published.) But I enjoyed the stories that he read out, particularly The Day the Saucers Came and the October story from the Calender of Tales. I loved the illustrations by Eddie Campbell which seemed to enhance the story for The Truth Is A Cave.


Um, apart from that. I haven’t really been up to too much. Though I’ve finally reached 30,000 words of my novel. (Yay!) I don’t know why but for some reason, I suddenly have inspiration to keep writing it. (I mean, I want to finish it. But it doesn’t feel like a chore.) It’s like something has flipped a switch in my head and now the words just flow easily and I’m actually happy with them. (Though that is probably going to change.) Writing is weird sometimes. I always seem to get inspired by the most random things. Though maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been so bored from being unemployed that my mind needs to focus on something else for a change. I’ve always thought that I need to be bored to be inspired. I tend to have more daydreams when I’m bored and these tend to end up as story ideas. (Though they end up being completely different stories a lot of the time. But that’s another subject for a different post.)

I don’t know. The human brain is strange I guess. I’m still enjoying the process though. I’m used to writing short stories since they don’t require much planning and there tends to be more room to experiment. But I like writing my novel for the most part. (Though I have big changes I need to make and a few chapters that need to be written and slotted in and certain points.) Some of it is frustrating though, especially when you end up writing yourself into a corner or realise that you have to re-plan and restructure the beginning for parts of it to make sense. I’m determined not to go back and start again (since I’ve already done that once.) so any big changes will have to be made in the second draft.

Anyway, that’s all my news for now. I’m sorry this post has been rambling and not very well thought out. I’m sure I will think of something better to write about next week. (I really need to get better at posting every week.)