To Publish Online or Not To Publish Online?

Okay, so I’m in the process of improving my LinkedIn (and actually finishing setting it up.) and I am kind of unsure of whether or not I should promote my posts for this blog on there. I mean at first glance, it seems like the right thing to do, doesn’t it? I want to be a content writer, I should show that I can actually write content for the internet, right? That way anyone who might want to potentially employ me will get a good idea about my writing. But the dilemma for me is, do they want to read slightly sarcastic rants about popular geek culture or whiny posts about writing? It would look out of place on a social media site that’s specifically about making professional connections.

Promoting my blog on Facebook is one thing. It’s about keeping in touch with family and friends, those who want to read my posts/rants can do so. Those who don’t can just simply ignore it. But LinkedIn is more about first impressions, about being professional and whilst I haven’t written about particularly controversial topics, (At least I don’t think I have.) I’m not exactly sure they’ll be interested in my A Song of Fire and Ice theories. It might look a bit out of place on a social media site where you need to be as professional as possible. Of course, it would mean being even more careful in what I post here and the language I use. I usually think twice about posting ANYTHING on the internet. (Mostly so that I don’t have to waste time getting into stupid comment fights.) It’s highly unlikely that you would find out anything too personal about me on social media, unless you are a close friend or family member. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t see why someone I used to be acquaintances with in school five years ago would need to know what’s going on in my life.

Errrrgh! Dilemma. So what do I do? I like writing this blog, it’s been fun and I am rather attached to it. Also thanks to my degree, I look at things critically by instinct now. I can’t help it. If I were to start a new blog, that would mean starting again from scratch and I wouldn’t even know what I would write about. (I don’t think I have the energy to regularly post on two blogs)

Because it just isn't a post without a cat picture...

Because it just isn’t a post without a cat picture…

This moves me on to the second part of this rather long and rambling post. Um, yeah speaking of being unsure of posting things online, I was thinking of switching things up a bit and maybe start posting some flash fiction I found in my notebook. (Nothing that I intend to get published, just in case.) I also have some ideas for some short stories that have been floating around my head for a few weeks now. (One that is kind of linked to the events in my novel.) I probably won’t post any from my (slowly growing) short story collection because well, they’re kind of interconnected and they’re maybe too weird for this blog. (Like worry about my sanity weird.) Also they still need to be redrafted and one of them actually needs an ending. (Don’t worry, baby, I’ll come back for you…)

So yeah, don’t be surprised if you see some random fiction appearing on my blog. (Now, that I’ve actually posted it, it means that I’ll actually have to follow through and post some fiction.) Um, I think that’s about it for now. For those that want to know, I’ve finished my course. I really enjoyed it and found it useful. I also learnt a lot and met some lovely people. Hopefully, now I can use the new skills I’ve learnt to help me find a new job. And now I’m really going to end it there before I start waffling.


An Explanation and a Shameless Plug…

Okay so as you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been very active on here in recent weeks. There are many different reasons for this. For one thing, I have had something of a creative block when it comes to blog posts. I do have a couple of ideas planned out, but it’s the classic thing of me getting bored halfway through when I start writing them. Hopefully, that will change soon.

Also, I have been focussing a lot on my novel in recent weeks as you all know. Things kind of get put on the back burner when I am on a novel writing frenzy. It’s weird how you can have a lot of ideas for one thing, but come up blank for others isn’t it?

My other reasons for my unplanned hiatus include life stuff. I have a lot of it going on at the moment. (Nothing bad, don’t worry.) Without going into specifics, life is getting a bit chaotic. I have a lot of things to get done, a lot of things that I really need to get sorted out but I am short on time. One of the main reasons for my hiatus is that I’ve started a three week digital marketing course with The Prince’s Trust. It’s been really useful so far (if tiring. It’s hard to get back into the routine of 9-4 after you have been out of it for a while) and I have week of work experience at an advertising agency which will hopefully boost my CV a little bit.

Which brings me to my next point. Wait for it, here comes the shameless plug. YAY!

I Googled 'Shameless Plug' and this happened...

I Googled ‘Shameless Plug’ and this happened…

*Clears throat*

Okay, so as part of my course I have to help build a website and it would really help my group if you guys went and checked it out. It’s a website that reviews films and talks about the fashion and music used in them. We also keep up to date on all the latest news in the world of film. So without rambling on any further, I present you Popcorn-Films!  So yeah, tell your friends.

That’s about all I have to say for the time being. I do have more posts coming and fully intend on getting back into a regular posting schedule once things have calmed down a little.