I Will Be Blogging More Often I Promise and Other Stories…


Okay, so I know it’s a far too long since my last post and I keep promising to get back into a regular blogging routine. But I really will this time. I pinky promise. (You can’t break a pink promise. If you do, it makes you the worst person in the world, or so I am told.)

If I had posted this a little bit closer to New Year, this would have been your standard customary reflection on 2015 and hopes for 2016 post. (I’m not making resolutions this year because I never keep them and well,if you want to change, why wait til New Years to do it?)  But as it happens, life as usual got in the way and in between spending time with friends and family during the Festive Season and attempting to be a responsible adult, (Huh? When did THAT happen?) I just never got round to it until now. As New Year was two weeks ago, my original post no longer seems like it would be relevant so now you have this (very) self-indulgent post instead.

So, what have I been doing in the months that I’ve been neglecting this blog?

Well, mostly I’ve been really busy with work (the run up to Christmas was crazy busy) and I’ve been working on my current novel as well as a short story (that I still need to finish). I also spent November completing NaNoWriMo. I actually managed to reach 50,000 words whilst having a full time job. Despite the fact that pretty much all of those 50,000 words are pretty awful and some of the worst I’ve ever written, (up there with my teenage emo poetry phase) I consider this to be my biggest achievement of 2015 (aside from not dying) because I honestly didn’t think I’d have the energy to write 50,000 words whilst working 35 hours a week. But I managed it (it made me crazier than the past NaNos I participated in) and although the words I wrote were awful, (I’m not being modest here. I honestly can’t look at it) I’ve written 50,000 words of a story that wouldn’t have been written if I hadn’t done it.

So you see whilst I went on a rather longer hiatus, (longer than I originally intended) I was still busy writing. It just meant that I spent more time on my writing projects and actually get closer to finishing something. (That’s my main goal. Not just this year but in general.) I guess it didn’t help that I had a chronic case of blog block (Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking. Writer’s Block is just an excuse writers use when they can’t be bothered to write.) and had far too many ideas as to what direction I wanted this blog to go in. (The fact that it never had a strong focus to begin with probably didn’t help.) But now I’ve got a pretty good idea on the sort of topics I want to talk about and now I have plenty of time to actually post on a regular basis once I’ve gotten back into a routine. (I may even post some short stories on here at some point. Ssh! I’m not promising anything though.)

So what else has happened since I last posted on here?

Well, 2016 did not start as smoothly as I would have liked. My fixed term contract did not get extended, so I am now officially unemployed. The downside to this is, apart from worrying about money, that I now have too much free time (and there is such a thing as too much free time. Trust me. This blog is living proof of this) and now have make endless job applications and go to interviews. (Ugh! Why can’t they just let us take an exam instead? I could get a job much easier that way.) The upside to this is that I have too much free time, which means that I have more time to spend writing and blogging as well as finally catching up on some of the TV shows I’ve been meaning to watch and play some of the games that have been sitting in my Steam library for far too long *cough* Mass Effect *cough* or even read the books in my ever expanding ‘to read’ pile.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn this into a whiny post about how it sucks to be unemployed or how I can’t find a job. I know that being negative and falling into a big black pit of despair won’t help me find a job. (After all, I can do something about it by actually applying for jobs and big black pits of despair tend to smell funny.) So I’m trying to stay positive and see it as an opportunity to try and get into a career that I want to get into. (Also, employers like confident people and whoever heard of a negative confident person?) It seems to be working out pretty okay so far. I’ve been unemployed for two weeks now and I’ve already had some interviews which is definitely a better situation to be in then the last time I was unemployed. I just really hope that it means that I won’t be unemployed for too long (having too much free time tends to send me crazy and I end up biting people. I’m not even kidding.) because as much as the idea of being a starving artist (or in my case writer) has been romanticised in our culture, there’s nothing glamorous about worrying about money and having enough to afford food so you can eat. *touches wood*

I think I am going to leave you there for now. You don’t need me to ramble on and on about how having a positive attitude makes such a difference to your life because it would be annoying and boring. Also, I’ve had a can of Relentless and it’s almost four in the morning (another upside to being unemployed is that you can stay up until stupid o’clock writing because you don’t have to get up for work the next day.) and I should probably try to get to sleep.